In the Beginning

Ben began with just a few handfuls of garlic, grown in the vegetable garden, and after years of saving our seed stock, we now grow around 400 pounds each year!

Growing garlic begins in the fall: sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving, we plant our garlic cloves, and cover them with a heavy layer of mulch. 

In late April or early May, the garlic begins to poke up through the hay. It's always a bit of a miracle to see! 


Gourmet Garlic Scapes

In July, we harvest the garlic scapes--pre-flowers that are considered gourmet. These can be purchased at Pierson's Farm, or consumed in an entree at Colatina Exit and Samurai Soulfood! Or of course, directly obtained from us--give a call In July!


The Finished Product

In early August we harvest the garlic, and hang it to cure for 6-8 weeks. Then it is trimmed, cleaned and graded. 

Our garlic can be found at Pierson's Farm, the Upper Valley Co-op, Dan and Whit's, and at restaurants including the Worthy Kitchen, and Latham Tavern.

Call for availability: we love sharing our bountiful harvest!