About Us


Ben Rubinfeld: Owner/Operator

Ben grew up in Bradford, VT and has traveled the world extensively--mainly eying up the world’s great trees and forests. At Paul Smiths College in the Adirondacks of NY, Ben got a BA in Forestry and spent his free time competing in lumberjack competitions. 

Now, Ben works for logging company, and runs Borderline Tree Works on the side. 

At home, Ben tends to his young nut and fruit tree orchard, harvests neighborhood apples, and collects maple sap. Ben’s passion for the natural world is infectious.  Always up for a walk in the woods, or a stroll around the garden, an adventure is always on hand.


Amanda Narowski: Micro-Manager

In 2016, Ben joined forces with Amanda, who enjoys planning their extensive gardens, picking blueberries, and other activities that allow for shoelessness.

She happily plays the role of micro-manager at Borderline Tree Works, which includes bookkeeping, garlic and maple deliveries, secretarial tasks, website updates, and much scheming and dreaming for the future. 

She is currently doing a miscellany of tasks both for the home business and in other venues to stay busy and inspired. She can often be found taking classes, reading books, making collages, going on walks, or hanging by the brook on a hot summers day.



We try to do what makes us happy: be outside, get fresh air, eat tons of garden produce, commune with friends and family, cultivate community, respect the natural world, make positive impacts where we can... and the list goes on! We find these to be the keys to living the good life.