Borderline Tree Works, LLC was founded in 2010 by Ben Rubinfeld. It began as a business for the service of trees, forests and ecosystems. 

Ben continues to serve homeowners, businesses and communities in the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire.

We offer a variety of tree-related services, including

  • Positive Impact Forestry: Timber harvesting, TSI (Timber Stand Improvement), Specialty Wood Product harvesting
  • Fine Pruning of shade trees, saplings, fruit trees, shrubs; spike-less tree climbing methods used.
  • Propagation: Fruit tree grafting and top-working
  • Wildlife Projects: Creating snags or coarse woody debris, girdling, brush piling, wild orchard renovations, etc.
  • Hazard Evaluation
  • Tree Removals/Precision Felling
  • Cabling and Bracing (using ANSI A300 Standards)
  • Planting: anything from seedlings to trees

Ben has a BA in Forestry, an AAS Urban Tree Management, and is fully insured.